In Mission in Cuba

In Mission in Cuba

The Mission Parish

The Mission Parish in Quebec is linked to the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople – Carpato-Russian Metropolitanate of the USA.

The languages and culture of this Orthodox Parish are Quebecer, proper to the Quebecer’s human environment: languages and culture as: French, English and Romanian. This is a first one for the city of Laval.

It was established in 19th of August, 2005, by His Eminence the Metropolitan Nicholas, through the sacerdotal mission given to the Very Reverend Radu Roscanu.

The opening day was an act of trust in God’s desire to create a presence of the orthodox faith, of hope and of love in this city of Quebec.

The Parish uses the chapel of the rectory and the chapel of the church Bon Pasteur in Laval.


Sunday office:

10.30 a.m. Divine Liturgy/Reader Service (Please call the pastor to confirm the location).

Followed by Agape meal


For confessions, Church’s sacraments or for discussions with a priest, call Father Radu Roscanu at tel.: 450-967-7792

The Mission Aid to the Martyr Churches (Canada)

The Mission Aid to the Martyr Churches (Canada) Inc. is at this time the only charitable intercultural inclusive Mission in Laval and Montreal.

The Mission opened its doors in August, 1988, in Montreal.

The opening day was an act of trust in God’s desire to bring help to the poor, the sick, the people persecuted for their faith. Many projects were accomplished throughout the Eastern Europe, Africa and Central America.

There is much work to be done. The hungry need food, the lost need purpose, the sad need comfort, but the heart of all we do is the place of intimacy with God who is Trinity.

The Mission Parish in Quebec, the Aid to the Martyr Churches Mission, are all incorporated as non-profit charitable corporations and issues tax receipts. Since seven years the Mission Parish, and since twenty five years the Mission, they had had strong local roots, while fostering a concrete solidarity with the persecuted and poor not only in our area, but throughout the world, especially in Eastern European countries, in Caribbean countries and in Africa.

Our life has been also centered on prayer. In order to truly be present to those who need our help, one needs to know how to live in the presence of God.

Prayer is our means to do a work rooted in our faith.


The Very Rev. Radu Roscanu is the founder and the priest of the Mission.

Pani Stela Prodan is the Director of the Mission.

Address of the Mission:

Aid to the Martyr Churches (Canada) Inc.

Charitable Mission

14, Avenue du Crochet, Laval, QC

H7N 3Z2

Tel: 450-967 7792; Fax : 450 575 1200


Charitable Registrations: # 89328 1832 RR 0001