The Mission and Focus of the Mission are:

The ‘Aid to the Martyr Churches (Canada) Inc.’ charitable Corporation proclaims and practices the evangelical imperative of the Orthodox Christian faith, who commissioned us to bring help to the poor, hungry, sick, suffering, to all those who are in need, by putting the charity in the core of our life in faith.

AMC sends missionaries to preach in communities, churches, schools, institutions, proposing to the public to share, pray and act to bring help to the poor, hungry, sick, suffering and orphaned. AMC missionaries also bring help to the communities, churches, institutions and families. We, therefore, support the development of indigenous charity and strengthen the infrastructures of churches, especially in, though not limited to, countries where Christianity is a minority, thus contributing to create, strengthen and develop Orthodox Christian communities through the world.

Brotherly Help to the Orthodox American Communities’ project:

The Brotherly Help to the Orthodox American Communities is a project of the ‘Aid to the Martyr Churches (Canada) Inc.’ charitable corporation, having as aim to bring help to the Vicariates of the Orthodox Church of Central America, Caribbean Sea and Islands, Colombia, Mexico and Haiti (Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople).

Our project has the following domains:
1. Books (To be translated and printed) – French, English, Spanish
2. Brochures and Pamphlets (To be translated and printed) – French, English, Spanish
3. Catechetical Materials (Files, Icons to be coloured, Plays, Activities for Children)
4. Bibliographies (French, English, Spanish)
5. Prayers (To be translated and printed) – French, English, Spanish
6. Homilies, Conferences (To be translated and printed) – French, English, Spanish
7. Church and Altar Supplies and Materials
8. Gifts for Children, sick, poor, handicapped
9. Information
10. Links


Missionary witness for the Aid to the Martyr Churches’ projects

‘Aid to the Martyr Churches’ (Brotherly Help to the Churches) is a Canadian charitable
Corporation. It promotes Love, it puts the Charity in the center of the life, it has charitable goals. It promotes implicitly a philocalic attachment to the eastern tradition in faith, and the development of each person, everywhere in the world. The executive missionary of the Corporation is V. Rev. Father Radu Roscanu, residing in Laval, Quebec. He is also engaged in an orthodox ministry in Laval.

Every one knows the disaster and the social collapse produced by communism in Eastern Europe and in another parts of the world. It was for a great importance that the Canadian Christians should bring help to the persecuted for decades Christians (for over sixty years).

With the help of individuals, families, communities and commerces from Quebec, the collects realized in the past permitted the erection of a cathedral church in Romania. A medical dispensary was equipped and built. An orphanage was sustained and financed. Many priests received gifts which helped them to live a better life. Some children from Africa and Caribbean region received gifts.

Father Radu Roscanu will be happy to inform you on this subject of his charitable work. It is important to make the charity in the center of our life in Christ.

Let us be attentive to his witness that will help us for a better understanding of the sufferings in the joy, for Christ. May you be generous and bring help through our mission to those who are in need.