Dear friends and benefactors,

The Lord compares the kingdom of God to a mustard seed, to leaven, to a sewer and to a treasure hidden in the earth. This suggests that the list of objects with which we can compare the kingdom of God is really infinite.

We can therefore say that the Kingdom of God is like the mission of the Aid to the Martyr Churches, speaking since twenty years about the Brotherly Help of the churches, which made now its entrance on your computer screen. It gives you the fruit of the hard work of volunteers who carry out an apostolic spirit in countries where still exists an atrocious persecution against some groups, or where humiliated human suffering makes necessary research, analysis of needs, projects to help the sick, the persecuted, the marginalized, the elderly in danger …

The kingdom of God is similar to those anonymous men and women who through our mission work for developing assistance to some ruined villages, for developing of national and religious dilapidated heritages, by printing and publishing books that can bring help morally and constitute sources of lifeblood of the Word of God.

The kingdom of God is in you, because it is thanks to you that all this could happen, thanks to your prayers, thanks to your donations that you offer as previously for oppressed brothers and sisters. Moreover, for the suffering, the sick, for sentenced to die by unjust actions of the powerful oligarchs and by the evil spirit.

During this day, think to our neighbour. Let us make a generous donation to bring him help, feeding, clothing, and medical care. Giving is also to increase the kingdom of God, to spread it with your own benefits. Be generous; bring help upon your means, through our projects. Your reward will be multiplied a hundredfold. Help us to help. And pray for the success of our ministry, because we need your prayers!

May the Lord be born in your heart and do grow His kingdom.

With the gratitude of the people of God that awaits your donations, we remain sincerely yours in Christ,

S. Prodan, director of Mission