The AEM Mission is, in the same time, an Orthodox witnessing Center.

The AEM Mission was founded in 1946 by a small group of men and women who dedicated themselves to the aid for the persecuted in the communist countries, in search of freedom to practice their faith.

The Aid to the Martyrs Mission has been, from the beginning, a living testimony to the spirit of the missionary charitable activity, since its over 20 years of existence.

From its home in Laval – Quebec, Canada, the Mission – serving as a charitable Center–welcomes and meets the faithful, and visitors who want visit us. It stands as a multi-cultural, open mission in Quebec, upholding through its newspapers, conferences, and missionary charitable work and testimonials, the vision of the Orthodox Christian tradition, culture, and identity in Quebec and reflecting the rich fullness of Christian charity.


To the AEM Mission’s Director was given permission to establish new communities and parishes and spiritual haven on the condition that they would finance and administer the communities on their own, dedicating themselves to the service of God and with faith that He would take care of them.

The Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Greco catholic parish

The siege had to serve as both chapel and office and living quarters, but soon they received a small church for one dollar as their place of worship. They adorned it with their own icons and embroidered cloths and began to hold sacerdotal and charitable services, to which all those inside and outside their gates were welcome.

The community continued to thrive through the 1960s and 1970s, drawing people from all backgrounds by its serenity and spiritual presence. In the mid-1980s, the mission extended its outreach far beyond its borders through the work of priest-in-charge Fr Radu Roscanu. His radio talks became known in Quebec as in Romania as an inspired voice of Christian Orthodoxy.


Over the past decade, the AEM mission has taken on a whole new focus and direction to better serve in these changing times. Today, while still remaining true to its roots, the mission acts as an Orthodox Center. Weekly live revolves around Sunday’s worship services, tending to the needs to the community, offering also hospitality to all visitors, and providing spiritual counselling and pastoral ministry to those in need.

Even to this day, the mission has relied solely on donations and charitable contributions for its support and financial livelihood. Its new vision is to create the means for greater self-sufficiency and to become revitalized as a viable community. Every part of this vision is to serve all those in need, and to reflect the essence of Orthodox faith and charitable mission.

Yet, there is tremendous work still to be done. Only with the help and generosity of those who believe in the vision and spirit of the mission can its future be assured. We invite all to share and participate in this rebuilding process. For more information, please call V. Rev. Radu Roscanu at the telephone number 1 450 967 7792.

Since 1988, Project Romania has been involving some young people in the alleviation of suffering, by building homes for Romania’s poor. In 1994, the Theotokos’ church opened in Oradea, providing also a home for teenage boys in Moldova who live on the streets or who have been put out of other orphanages, and would otherwise be left to fend for themselves.

This pan-Orthodox charitable outreach is unique in Quebec, because our very own people carry out the work. In the process, their lives are changed.

The AEM mission proclaims and practices the evangelical imperative of the charity, based on the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who commissioned us to put the charity in the center of our lives.

AEM trains and motivates missionaries to preach, and to minister to the poor, hungry, sick, suffering and orphaned. They support the development of indigenous leaders and strengthen the infrastructures of churches, especially in Quebec, and in countries where Christianity is a minority, thus inspiring the creation of Orthodox Christian charitable small communities.

AEM’s desire is to become a pan-Orthodox international mission agency, in front to help Orthodox Christians to respond to Christ’s call for charity. The Mission sends gifts and motivates people to serve in poor countries, as missionaries or as members of short-term mission teams.

AEM supports the development and work of indigenous individuals, families and leaders, including clergy and laity, and helps also to build up Church infrastructures, outreach projects through the sending of material help, witnesses and couriers, small mission teams and financial assistance.

V. Rev. Radu Roscanu