Out of compassion, God takes upon Himself the suffering of each person. In his love, He suffers mysteriously, to the end of time, with the same suffering that is in each of us.
Mammos the Confessor

Abba Zeno, a fourth century desert father, said to a monk who visited him: “Go now, and never get discouraged; don’t neglect your prayer, and never talk wrong of anyone.”
A monk sold every evening his baskets in town. But meanwhile, another monk came and stole from his cell. After some time, the injured monk left a message: “Really, I don’t like it.” But the unknown brother kept stealing. When the thief was dying, he called for his victim to ask forgiveness. He came, and blessed the feet and hands of his unjust brother and said: “these hands and feet have made of me a true monk.”

God gave burdens; also shoulders.
Yiddish proverb

We value…
We value the human being as the supreme creation of God.
We value the freedom God gave to man and we believe that man is responsible for all his actions and decisions.
We value God’s love for people, shown in the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
We value honest work and claim excellence in everything that is done.
We value the honesty and integrity of each person, manifested in attitudes, words and deeds.

Living Lent

Lent prepares us to enter the great feast of Easter.

The good Christian should prepare himself for the entry into Lent, with a confession of all his sins. Let’s help our children prepare for confession (the role of parents and godparents): Am I a disciple of Christ? What do I do with my baptism? Do I like someone other than myself? Etc…By reading the Gospel everyday in our family, with prayer, that’s what we can most usefully do, to begin to convert … The impenitence is childish, but the consciousness of sin opens the human person to the maturity and to the comprehension and salvation of the whole world.

St. Paul says that the knowing of the Holy Scriptures since childhood, that can provide us the wisdom leading to our salvation through the faith in Christ Jesus. He said faith, patience, love of neighbor and perseverance in trials, are signs of discipleship.

We must renounce to any complacency (that is to avoid hypocrisy): This is the first stage of the fast! We, and our children too, can learn by heart the basic prayers and passages of the Scriptures. For example, memorizing the Gospe,l is very fruitful. This can be a fine program of Lent!

Renounce pride and conceit, and gratifications related to self-love, which cannot lead to the happiness in God, the pain of repentance open to the ineffable joy of knowing the Lord of mercy, as He is!

Jesus’ prayer: “O God, be propitious to me, a sinner! Is now in the lecture of the Gospel (The Publican and the Pharisee): “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner! . In the prayer of the Church there are also other forms: “O God, have mercy on me, the sinner! O God, cleanse me, a sinner! O God, my creator, saves me! My sins are innumerable, forgive me! “(After the prayer of Saint Ephraim the Syrian)