Dear friends and benefactors,

Thank you to those of you who responded to our calls to support our projects. With them, we can continue to help the poor and persecuted for their faith.

After experiencing the time of Great Lent – the time of prayer, of lent and sharing – we had the time of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this road to the biggest celebration of Christianity, – Easter -, we heard the voice of our conscience that tells us to be merciful and in solidarity with the suffering. Christ is risen in our hearts!

While you read this, our emissaries are in Eastern Europe to provide our help and support to victims of former atheists and torturers. They met friends from different countries missionaries who help themselves to the reconstruction of the life of faith and a more just society in this region.

We have now supported, for over twenty-five years, small projects to help communities, families, people from different regions of the world in urgent need of relief. Donations come to console and assist in cases of great distress, to help those who really need those most disadvantaged. Our couriers and friends are often on missions in poor countries or they express their solidarity with the persecuted. Any distress call is happening to us, we try to listen, encourage and assist. With the help of the relationships we have with other missions that work in those areas where we help, we try to keep each other aware of the need for assistance in those countries where torture and failure to respect human rights still needed.

We are also helping to wake up consciences, to dialogue and mutual understanding among human groups, through conferences, through our messages sent over the Internet, through reflection shared with those who live in the regions concerned. This helps to build our projects, bridges of human solidarity which always take into account the diversity of human societies in those countries suffering. Be generous, help according to your ways, through our projects. Your reward will be multiplied a hundredfold. And pray for the success of our ministry, because we need your prayers!

Become so you own missionaries, help us now to help effectively. Be generous, because God gives you His graces a hundredfold in return for your love expressed in concrete by your donations.
Thank you on behalf of God.

The Director, S. Prodan, director of the Mission
Missionary, Rev. R. Roscanu, missionary