Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand

Reverend Richard Wurmbrand was an evangelical minister who spent fourteen years in Communist imprisonment and torture in his homeland of Romania. He is one of Romania’s most widely known Christian leaders, authors, and educators.

In 1945, when the Communists seized Romania and attempted to control the churches for their purposes, Richard Wurmbrand immediately began an effective “underground” ministry to his enslaved people and the invading Russian soldiers. He was eventually arrested in 1948.

Richard spent three years in solitary confinement, seeing no one but his Communist torturers.

His wife, Sabina, was a slave laborer for three years.

Due to his international stature as a Christian leader, diplomats of foreign embassies asked the Communist government about his safety. They were told he had fled Romania. Secret police, posing as released fellow prisoners, told his wife of attending his burial in the prison cemetery.

Rev. Wurmbrand was released in a general amnesty in 1964. Realizing the great danger of a third imprisonment, Christians in Norway negotiated with the Communist authorities for his release from Romania. The “going price” for a prisoner was $1,900. Their price for Wurmbrand was $10,000.

In may 1966, he testified in Washington before the Senate’s Internal Security Subcommittee and stripped to the waist to show eighteen deep torture wounds covering his body. His story was carried across the world newspapers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Rev. Wurmbrand has been called “the voice of the underground church.” His books are best sellers in over fifty languages.

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The Director of the Mission

A few word from Richard Wurmbrand:

Believe God

Believe the Word of God: “In those days and in that time, the iniquity of Israel shall be sought, but there shall be none; and the sins of Judah, but they shall not be found ”.

This refers to the time of the return of the Jews from Babylonian captivity. Looked at from the human level, they had plenty of sins. Nehemiah punished some of them for this. From the godly level, which is now yours, they had none.

Self-diagnosis is no good. Only believe steadfastly that it is not you who live, but He, and you will succeed. You will achieve the goodness that does not fade.

I belong to the family of God.

I have the nature of God. Because I also have the nature of a man, I know I may live sixty or eighty years. Since I have the nature of God, who in the world can kill me? Men can change only my outward form, but I will live in other circumstances.

We saw this peace – the peace of those who understood that godly nature – and I plead with you for this. You have your difficulties. You have your crosses. Trust in the God who makes faces to shine and know that in Him you have eternal life.

I love God

The Bible teaches some words very hard to take: “Whosoever does not hate father, mother, child, brother, sister – cannot be My disciple.” These words mean almost nothing in a free country.

You probably know from The Voice of the Martyrs literature that thousands of children had been taken away from their parents in the former Soviet Union because they were taught about Christ. You must love Christ more than your family.

There you are before a court and the judge tells you that if you deny Christ you may keep your children. If not, this will be the last time you will see them. Your heart may break, but your answer should be, “I love God.”

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Richard Wurmbrand