A text by Richard Wurmbrand
Written in the “Food Sacrificed to Idols” series

I am aware of how easily the pursuit of excellence in the performance of music can become an idol. There is little value in the development of artistic excellence unless the Lord should guide the individual into such an enterprise.

If a person were to perfect his performance of Beethoven on the piano so that he performed the sonatas far better than any other pianist of history, he would have accomplished little. He would perform before audiences of people who would be entertained, and then go out and live lives that are not pleasing to the Lord. The virtuoso has spent numerous backbreaking hours mastering Beethoven, only to die and find he has wasted the time on earth allotted to him. He or she has succeeded only in scattering the things of Christ.

The Lord Jesus commanded us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. When we do not do this we are wasting our time on the earth.

The pursuit of musical or artistic excellence for its own sake is a food offered to idols.

Richard Wurmbrand