Eulogy for Gaston Morin
Offering a lifetime to love his neighbor

Sometimes archaeologists plant the seeds that they find in graves there are three millennia old and these seeds grow and change into plants. Therefore they had retained their power of germination for three thousand years.

How much more the body of man, the lord of creation, will he be able to get out of his grave for the glorious life promised to him?

Today our hearts are crushed by the pain of the death of a husband, father, brother, grandfather, friend – Gaston Morin. His body lies and it seems never to come back to life.

But we hear – through our bitterness and sadness – the voice of someone who is raised from the dead by His own power, and had risen to life many men and women who had died. His voice says: He who lives and believes in Me shall never die.
We believe in his words and the truth of his promise, because He has told us that we will be resurrected, is himself resurrected and is able and willing to resurrect ourselves also.

We’ve all seen seeds buried in the ground, which germinated, groan, becoming flowers, vegetables, vines, trees. We saw sea of golden ears of wheat waving in the breeze of the wind. Can you realize that each grain in itself is a miracle, every garden, every meadow, is a land of miracles!

In the same way, the cemetery where Gaston will be buried is a land of wonders, a wondrous land of peace and resurrection. Because we all know that one day this body will come out of the grave and will reappear for a new life. This new life will flourish and give abundant fruits, in the glory of the nearness of God.

We also know that the spirit of Gaston went to meet his Creator who called him. This spirit is a living spirit, as he was so wonderfully alive throughout his life on earth.

His life on earth was a continual offering used extensively to do good , a tireless self-sacrifice to help charities, becoming himself a missionary, taking care of the sick, rescuing those who are poor and needy among us. Our inner certainty tells us that this spirit so noble, so brilliant, so dedicated to charity, is now with the spirits of the friends of the Lord, the saints.
The Divine Liturgies will help, if we will have them celebrate the memory of Gaston, to ensure his entry into the Paradise promised to us all. That the prayers that we will profess in his memory give to us, too, the courage and the will to live a Christian life similar to his, and that they keep us, like our brother Gaston and benefactor and road companion – in the path of the Risen Christ, which leads us to our sanctification.

My friends, do not cry, because Gaston lives! With the love for his friends – the poor and suffering – he has dressed himself in bright clothing of holiness, by using his life so rich in charity, to love his neighbor, to console the oppressed by injustice, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to do good as the apostles did.

His family is happy too, she has traveled with him on the light beam of his good deeds, the beam of the royal road leading to the Christ – Sun.
Christ is risen! Gaston, you rise again too! Gaston, brother and friend, you who will continue in heaven thy royal priesthood, pray for us!