R. Rev. Father Radu RoscanuDear friends and benefactors,

The end of summer, the end of the holidays … we must resume our good habits, and prepare ourselves to encourage the continuation of our missionary activity. We must be aware of the extreme rampant poverty in the countries where our mission is active. We are motivated, like in the past, we have organized the necessary logistics, we have established minimum administration fees, all those are ideal conditions to ensure the continuation of our efforts. But it is you who are at the heart of charity, it is you who must put love for the poor at the center of your life of faith. Give abondently.

Thank you for your help in our mission projects. Indeed, the poor and needy need everything: clothes, food, medicines, vitamins, to name only these basic needs. All this is obtained with your donations that allow us to relieve the indigent.

We are all concerned about the difficulties of the poor and persecuted people of the regions of the Caribbean (Mexico, Ecuador, Haiti), and also from Romanian country, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia… Even in Summer, while you are in vacation, we do not stop or rest. The needs are just too huge.

Your alms-giving can create once again, more joy.  An illustrated Gospel for children costs $5; the average salary is of $40 a month; a prayer book costs $5; a car costs $5,000  and people cannot pay it.  Your gifts can make us much more effective.  Help us to contribute again to the reconstruction of faith in these countries deteriorated by extreme poverty and by atheisms!

It is now the privileged moment for us to be ready to help, to bring the joy in the homes and the communities where faith is so low, after so long and so much suffering.

We send our gifts exclusively to the persons in charge of the communities that we know, to the families in suffering and in scarcity of everything, that distribute the gifts.  More than a million youth await our gifts and our books.  Help us to distribute good to them!

And pray for the success of our apostolate, for we need your prayers!  In the expectation of your contribution that we hope will be generous, please receive the thanks of God that awaits your gifts.
Yours, in the service of our Lord,
Rev. Radu Roscanu, signature

Rev. Radu Roscanu