A text by Richard Wurmbrand
Written in the “Food Sacrificed to Idols” series

The Western, “Christian” nations are filled with every form of sexual lust and perversion. They claim to be the “free” nations of the world. The truth is, they are the slaves of the most hideous monsters one can imagine.

All of the ancient sins are on the increase, from homosexuality to the offering of human sacrifice in satanic rituals. Pornography is widespread. The use of children as objects of lust is common in the democratic nations. In the public schools of America an attempt is being made to convince children that moral perversions are normal and we must accept every individual with open arms no matter how morally filthy his behavior becomes.

We are but a short distance from legalized man-boy relationships, legalized incest, and legalized relationships with animals. These abominations do not differ in kind from what is taking place, only in the degree of public acceptance. Americans are using the Bill of Rights of their Constitution to force open the floodgates of moral filth. America in the present hour is overrun with demons, and she is not alone among the Western nations.

How long will God permit His earth to be overrun with demons? We cannot say. History warns us that it will not be long before Divine judgment overtakes us.

Satan and his forces in the spirit realm somehow obtain gratification from the practice of lust and perversions. To engage in such abominations is to eat food offered to idols.

Richard Wurmbrand