Dear friends and benefactors,

Did you know that hunger is cruel! My friend, let’s call him Ricardo, told me:
«I’m always hungry in our canteen, where I work, poor food, poor. «But why don’t you make yourself sandwiches? I told him. «From my salary, I can only buy for my family only one bread for one week. If I get sandwiches, my children will not have bread in the evening. « Are you also hungry? Can you imagine what this means? Can you help? Easter means sharing. We must all have something to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not forget the poor and the needy who must starve for their children can eat.

We must resume our good habits, and prepare ourselves to encourage the continuation of our missionary activity. We must be aware of the extreme rampant poverty in the countries where our mission is active. We are motivated, like in the past, we have organized the necessary logistics, we have established minimum administration fees, all those are ideal conditions to ensure the continuation of our efforts. But it is you who are at the heart of charity, it is you who must put love for the poor at the center of your life of faith. Give abundantly.

Thank you for your help in our mission projects. Indeed, the poor and needy need everything: clothes, food, medicines, vitamins, to name only these basic needs. All this is obtained with your donations that allow us to relieve the indigent.

Let’s put some distance between us and the commercial society, and let’s not forget that the assistance programs of our Mission, from which we are now holding the message in our hands, depends on each and every one of us personally! This help must continue! Put your energy and your hearts in the actions of the Brotherly Help that you have so generously supported.

To our joy and yours, help the monastery of the Protection of the Mother of God of Wentworth, Quebec, to build their church. For donors, we will pray in this holy place.

God will help you help, which means that you are also a missionary.

Yours to serve the Lord,
S. Prodan, Director of the Mission V. Rev. Radu Roscanu, Missionary