Thank you for your help in our missionary projects. Indeed, the poor and needy, whose ranks are growing, especially in these times of economic crisis, need everything: clothes, food, medicines, and vitamins, to name only these basic needs. All this, they need, is obtained against money, and it is your donations that allow us to bring help to the needy.

The brotherly help is to bring to others. Our couriers are working on additional aid operations. We make live their hope. The poor need you; they need your generous donations. in this winter time, so difficult to live, do not forget them, and they wii not forget you either! Every penny you donate make nearer the poor to the well-being.

Bring help to the poor now, by making a donation through Pay Pal or by phone at 450-967-7792. Have your valid credit card near you.

You can also stop in the future, the pain of living of all those poor, suffering, unloved, beloved martyrs, when you bring them again your help. Find your joy by giving … Donate your gifts to the poor, and God will help you.

Donations can create once again, a great joy. Help us to contribute even more to rebuild the life of faith in these countries dilapidated by poverty and by the extreme atheism!

Poor families are waiting for your donations, for our books, for vitamins and medicines. Help us distribute a lot! Pray also for the success of our ministry, because we need your prayers! In anticipation of your contribution that we hope generous, please accept the thanks of God, Who welcome your donations.

Yours to serve the Lord,
Stela Prodan, Director
V. Rev. Radu Roscanu, missionary