Dear friends and benefactors,

We are approaching the blessed time of the great lent, which precedes Easter. This is a time of reflection, austerity and sharing. This is the best time for us to give a big helping hand to charity. In that manner we prepare the resurrection of the Lord in our heart by doing good deeds.

Life is a series of questions and answers, some hard, some easy. But all of them imply a decision and some kind of action. The main criteria for our choices are the survival of mankind and the survival of our environment.

We must remember that our own joy starts with the one of the poor and the forgotten.

As we observe the world, we see that the need for charity keeps increasing. Send us post-dated cheques! They can increase our efficiency and help the regularity of the flow for the financing of our projects.

Therefore, please consider sending us your cheques as soon as possible.

Thank You in the name of God.

Let’s put some distance between us and the commercial society, and let’s not forget that the assistance programs of our Mission, from which we are now holding the message in our hands, depends on each and every one of us personally! This help must continue! Put your energy and your hearts in the actions of the Brotherly Help that you have so generously supported.

As you know, when you go to the church you cannot imagine that in some countries of the Caribbean, the parishioners don’t even have candles, incense, that they do not have religions books — even no paper ! —, they do not have children books, Christian literature, etc. They are in urgent need of medicine, medical supplies, prosthesis, cardiac stimulators, vitamins, they even are in need of food! We have seen with our own eyes what kind of food, rabbit food, vegetable and meat shortages that can exist over there. The food stores are empty — no food — children are hungry. They are starving because they do not get the essentials for the growth of their bodies.

The parents are facing very hard choices… To eat or to give to their children the small portions that they try to gather.

Dear friends and benefactors, we must help, we must react to this with all our might. God will help you help, which means that you are also a missionary.

Your alms-giving can create once again, more joy. The average wage is around 334 regular pesos per month ($19.70 per month) and the average pension is around $12 per month. Your gifts can make us much more effective. Help us to contribute again to the reconstruction of faith in these countries deteriorated by extreme poverty and by atheisms!

It is now the privileged moment for us to be ready to help, to bring the joy in the homes and the communities where faith is so low, after so long and so much suffering.

We send our gifts exclusively to the persons in charge of the communities that we know, to the families in suffering and in scarcity of everything, that distribute the gifts. More than a million youth await our gifts and our books. Help us to distribute good to them!

Poor families are waiting for your donations, for our books, for vitamins and medicines. Help us distribute a lot! Pray also for the success of our ministry, because we need your prayers!


Yours to serve the Lord,

Stela Prodan, Director

V. Rev. Radu Roscanu, missionary