In Memoriam

You can now add a prayer with your gift.

Many donors asked us to pray either for them or for a relative. It is now possible. During the Mass, the last Sunday of the month, we will pray for the deceased recommended to our prayers; the other Sundays will be used for the other askings.

Even if it is not mandatory, your gift will be greatly appreciated and will help AEM to continue its helping mission. Just fill in the bottom part (asked prayer) and the right-hand part if needed. Be sure that, if you ask a family member to be informed of your gift, the amout of the gift will remain strictly confidential. Thank you.

In Memoriam

Prayer asked :

In the memory of: ___________________________________________

Other asking: ___________________________________________

Just print and send-us this form at:

Aid to the Martyr Churches
14, avenue du Crochet
Laval QC H7N 3Z2 (Canada)

Or Call : 450-967-7792