By Sabrina Wurmbrand

It is wonderful to pass in the beauty parlor of Jesus, the Son of God, who has given His life for you and wishes to be Lord and master in your heart. He forgives your sins, He takes over your problems. He brings His grace and His peace and His richness in your life. And you become beautiful like the angels in heaven. It is quite a beauty parlor, set apart but the best, which can exist.

And you will read further Acts 7. We see there another picture; the picture of those who were the enemies of Christ and the enemies of Stephen. And you saw how they are described. Ready to throw stones and to put to death Stephen. Righteousness, love from heaven makes you beautiful. Anger, and fight against God and against his people makes you ugly. Remember these two. And I invite you everyone, come into the beauty parlor of Jesus. You need it. Your heart will be washed clean and will be filled with the joy of heaven.

And now I would like to tell you how God loves you. How He knows everyone of you. First we learned in prison how rich we are. Having such a Savior and having the Word of God. And now I would like to tell you, how beloved you are; every one of you. How God knew us. It is written that Jesus calls those who are His by their name. He calls us by name that means He knows everyone.

I would like to tell you that in Communist prisons when it was very, very hard. And it was very hard. There are no human words that could ever describe what it means for Christian women in the hands of the Communists. And when it was very, very hard. We thought, “Are we forgotten, nobody cares, no help from anywhere”, and then the Lord Himself reminded us that He cares and knows us.

As I told you, our children, we did not know anything about them. Some were on the streets, hungry, eating from the garbage if they found something in the garbage. Mothers did you every think that the children of your sisters in the hands of the Communists, without father, without mother, hungry.

So working at the canal, hungry and sick, we got so weak that we could not work anymore. So the Communists thought to lure us, and they said,” If you work, and make such amount of work, (it was very, very hard), you will be able to see your children”. They will come on such and such a day. Could any human words express what it meant for us, after, let me say 2 or 3 weeks, you will see your children. Nights and nights we did not sleep, preparing everyone, the words we will speak with our children. Because there was only 10 minutes fixed and the guards stood around, we could not speak whatever we have liked. So during nights we did not sleep, and prepared the words we would tell our children. Then we had a very big problem, we were very dirty, and the stones had got our clothes and made them just like rags. We were ashamed to appear before our children. We tried to have a scarf from somewhere which went around to every women, somewhere a skirt in order to appear before our children.

Perhaps dear sisters, you know how we are the women, we always have the impression that we do not have enough clothes, and we absolutely need a new dress and we are ready to quarrel and to fight, “I need it, absolutely “. Perhaps, when your heart is so unhappy about your new dress, which you need, remember your sisters, in rags, hungry, beaten, put to shame by the Communists. Pray for them and praying for them thank God for all you have. And learning to thank God your heart will be blessed and will be happy and you will be a blessing to those around you.

So the nights passed quickly, composing and recomposing and again composing the words we would speak to the children. And the great day came when 2 guards took me out from the prison cell let me say like this room. At the door, I being there stood my son, 2 guards around him. I looked at him. He was so pale so frail, and while I looked at him, he looked at me, and all I had compose at nights and nights, in a second it was forgotten. And I did not know to say one word but neither would him speak. He told me he had prepared something to say. And the minutes passed and the guards were already taking him out, taking him out taking me back to the prison cell. And while I saw him, leaving already, trying to give him my best, perhaps I would never see again, my child so I said, “Mihai, love Jesus with all your heart”. With these words he was taken out, I was brought back to my prison cell. The prisoners, the mothers, the women, came around me, gathered all around me, “How does your child look, what I did he tell you, how is it out in the free world?”

Many, many days I could not speak a word, but after a long time when I was freed, I had the great joy to find my son a young Christian ready to fight for the Kingdom of God. These few words, God has blessed them as a sign of His love. As a sign that we were not forgotten. As a sign that our children were in His care. We have a Savior whose name is wonderful. All Praise be to Him. In Communist prisons, in tears and mocked by the Communists, we have seen the glory of God and there we have understood that our Lord and Master, Jesus, the Son of God, His name is wonderful. Wonderful are His deeds and my very, very beloved ones, wonderful are all those who are His. And may God bless you and may God help you not to forget the beauty parlor. For whosoever takes Jesus in his heart, as Savor, as Lord, as master, as heavenly friend, He will be brought into the beauty parlor of Jesus and the glory of God will shine over him. Not only the Christians have seen it, even Communists saw the glory of God shining over those beaten and tortured by them. And therefore, in our country, in the Communist block we did not have Bibles.

We have changed a song of yours, you sing here, Jesus loves me, and this we have seen,” Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.” Since we did not have the Bible, we changed the song, Jesus loves me so, for their faces tells me so.” Hungry, sick, beaten and mocked by the Communists, the faces of the Christians shone with the glory of God, And even Communists could learn this song, “Jesus loves me this I know for there faces tells me so.”

May God bless every one of you? May God fill your heart with His glory in order that your faces and your life should witness to all those around you that Jesus the Son of God loves you and loves all those who need Him as Savor and Lord.

God bless you all.