God has a Bulldozer with which He moves throughout the pages of history and brings His plans to fulfilment. This Bulldozer can be held back for a season but it will in the end always move over every obstacle that is in its way and fatally crush all its opponents.

In this, man has only 2 choices to make. One is to take our seat on this mighty Bulldozer of God and join in for the ride or be crushed under its chains. A 3rd option does not exist. God through the anointing of the Holy Spirit had given many prophesies to man thousands of years ago that have all been fulfilled in Gods own time and agenda.

The Lord will always succeed in everything He has set out to achieve – His Bulldozer is still on the move. Through its shear might and force all of Gods enemies will be gradually disarmed and find themselves pushed in a corner, into a road with no way out to escape.

The man who once announced a new age and proclaimed communism to be the future of man are mostly gone today. They left behind a legacy of deceit and of betrayed ideals, nations of sceptics, and people with empty hearts. They too had come under the wheels of Gods Bulldozer who eventually will expose every lie.

It was only a few years ago that the former proud leader of Romania, Ceausescu, stood on the balcony of his palace and spoke to a crowd that no longer wanted to hear him. As his people started to shout out against him, for the first time in his life, he froze and ran away like a coward who is backing out of a fight. He was caught a few days later and was executed on Christmas Day. An ironic ending for the man who wanted to abolish Christmas and all other Christian holidays in his country, that could remind people about Jesus the Saviour who was born on that day. Instead, he died in shock as an ordinary soldier mocked him and cursed him to his face. He had once thought that he was God to his nation.

Sometimes man fails to learn even the most basic lessons in life.

He would have done well to study the life of king Herod the Great, who 2000 years ago had the same dreams and ambitions and believed that he was God and received the worship of man. He was eaten alive by worms. In those days they did not yet have any guns.

Only a few months after the cruel dictator had died an old humble man returned to the land of his birth. He had suffered much there for believing in Jesus his Lord who was not tolerated by the intolerant regime. They used to beat him severely and jailed him for 14 long years. No one knew whether he was even dead or alive.

Those cruel proud men had thought that the Bulldozer had finally run out of its steam. How wrong they were when they found themselves crushed under its wheels. Pride makes a man drunk. He starts to think too much of himself and becomes so daring in his own foolish ways until he stumbles and falls and wakes up in disgrace.

God had been pronounced dead in history many times before the communists could come up with that silly idea. But He has always come back and put man back in his place. For in the end it was this saintly old man who returned home as the victor, even if this ride on Gods bulldozer was at times shaky and rough.

Today Richard Wurmbrands books are stored up in the prison cell that once was his home for 14 years.