A text by Richard Wurmbrand
Written in the “Food Sacrificed to Idols” series

Feminism, the desire of women to fulfill the role of men in various areas of life, is a strong factor in democratic nations. In some countries of the world women are treated like cattle. In others they are judges and leaders of government. It is never righteous to treat a woman like an animal one owns. Also, it is not ordinarily desirable for women to rule over men.

Why does Satan put in women the desire to be men, and in men the desire to be women? Is Satan merely acting spitefully toward God?

It is our point of view that the current attempts to warp the roles of the male and female is Satan’s attempt to prevent the birth of children. Paul says that the woman will be saved in childbearing. No person can enter the Kingdom of God until he or she has first been born of a woman. Thus the woman has an extremely important role in the Kingdom—that of giving birth to its members.

Satan is determined to prevent the bringing forth of children and their upbringing in the knowledge of the Lord. This is especially true of today because in the present hour God is bringing forth people who will be of first rank in His Kingdom. There is a Joshua generation at hand! Many who are last in time are destined to be first in the Kingdom of God.

Homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, sexual perversion, molestation, feminism—all prevent or tend to inhibit either the bringing forth of children or their upbringing in the knowledge of the Lord.

Cross-dressing, men wearing women’s clothing and women wearing men’s clothing, the feminine man and the masculine woman, are Satan’s efforts to change the Divinely defined roles of men and women. What is the net result? It is the prevention of the bringing forth and training up of children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

How blessed is the home where the father is a godly man governing the home in the Presence of the Lord, and the mother is a godly woman loving and nurturing the children according to God’s Word. Children thus raised are of eternal value in the Kingdom of God.

Our generation has become so corrupt there are few such homes it appears. Our day is, as Paul says, “the present distress” (I Corinthians 7:26). Knowing the present life is soon to pass away, let us pray night and day that the Lord will save our families into His eternal Kingdom.

The evening of the Day of the Lord is coming to a close. The glorious day of eternity is at hand, the era without end in which every day will be more wonderful, more filled with joy than the previous.

The idols, the demon gods, soon will be no more. Let us therefore have nothing to do with them. Let us rather look continually to our Lord Jesus who through His own Virtue and wisdom will enable us to overcome the idols and to enter His Presence with the fullness of joy.

Richard Wurmbrand