Dear friends and benefactors,
When we are waiting for an important visitor, we clean our house. But what do we do so that Christ may come to us this month? Should we not clean our house before? There are so many suffering in this world, and nothing seems to be in order, and nothing seems to be towards peace. I ask for your prayers for our brothers and sisters from the former communist countries and from where lives the islamic terror. Christmas is coming, our prayers and charity will be the greatest gifts for the martyrs. Be generous.

Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid of blind terrorism, like the one that hit Paris. For our God and Savior will help us overcome through love and prayer all our anxieties and help to redress inequities and injustice in our world. Help us by your renewed desire to share! God will reward you a hundredfold!

Help those who are in need! Pray! To help, the Mission is here to collect your donations. God will give back to you a hundredfold His graces for donations and all prayers. We accept donations by phone at 450-967-7792.

Give to our mission, which has just assumed the support of the Transfiguration Publishing House. This new non-profit corporation designed to serve the world’s culture, and help writers who wish to offer their works to the public. Your gift will be greatly appreciated and will help AEM to continue its helping mission. Please send your donation.

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Thank you in the name of God