Editions of the Transfiguration

We are members of the editorial staff and administrators of the Edition of the Transfiguration Inc. Our services are chosen as an alternative to the traditional channels. We help beginning writers who are trying to get published. Also, for those authors who have not obtained the editorial level desired by them.

Our Edition is a non-profit corporation. We are people with a higher education in various fields, and we possess the skills and knowledge required for all types of book publishing.

The authors do their part of the job. Manuscripts will be seen by expert advisors who have knowledge in poetry, anthropology, history, philosophy, science. They are teachers, writers, scientists, dedicated to defend the young and the experienced writers and those aspiring to write.

We are proud of our society. To serve culture is our primary goal. We want you to phrase your ideas.

For more information , please contact:
Brotherly Help
P.O. Box 548 , N.D.G.
Montreal , Qc
H4A 3P8

Phone: (450) 967-7792
Telephone for donations : (450) 967-7792
Email: info@brotherlyhelp.com

The mandate of the Editions of the Transfiguration is to develop, publish and promote the works of all literary genres written by authors from Quebec, Canada and around the world as well :
Novels, short stories, stories, humanities essays, technical and scientific publications for colleges and universities, for cultural and religious communities, popular science essays, and integral development of the individual, ie, fields of food, architecture, health / nutrition, engineering and the environment, fiction, essays and books of reference and spirituality, etc.

We can publish poetry, stories, fiction and humanities tests, including sociology of cultural practices.

We will help in publishing autobiographies, biographies, historical novels, storie , short stories, essays, books of poetry and fantasy, history books and personal growth . We favor commitment and involvement, and we have as a vocation to educate people and to give the opportunity to all authors to disclose their life experiences and reveal certain truths concerning the pollution of our planet, the fragility of peace and the equitable distribution of wealth.