Dear friends and benefactors,
Our calls for funds for the past year have been brilliantly listened to and you have responded generously. May our Lord Jesus Christ make you a hundredfold your great generosity. This very month, we are starting to celebrate our existence for more than 30 years (23 for this Bulletin). This coincides with the great feast of the resurrection of our Lord.

We hope that your gifts will continue and that we may once again create great joys, that it will help to contribute even more to the rebuilding of the life of faith.
We send your donations exclusively to community leaders we know, who distribute donations to families and people in distress and in serious need.
Our Mission, for all its work for 31 years, has just received the priestly distinction (medal and diploma) from the episcopal order of Saint-Jean-Chrysostome.
Please call us at: 1-450-967-7792 (have your credit card ready).
Help those who are in need! Pray! To help, the Mission is here to collect your donations. God will give back to you a hundred fold His graces for donations and all prayers.