There are 3 million orthodox in N America… If each family contributes 1 dollar a day ($365/year) this gives 1,095 $ a year. This is sufficient to feed and cloth 10950000 children per year ($100/year per child). If Orthodox gives alms this will do more or less what Canada do now.

One of the most effective forms of aid is school lunches; this not only helps the poor but helps especially girls who do not always go to school. When a school meals program is initiated then school enrolment amongst the poor increases, especially amongst girls and the birthrate reduces.

What Jesus said about Alms?

Mat 6:1-21 mentions three duties of the Christian: giving alms, prayer and fasting. While prayer is acknowledged by most Christians as important, both giving alms and fasting are usually ignored. Giving alms is basically giving to the poor; those who struggle for the basic necessities of life. We should note that Jesus said ‘When you give alms…’ not ‘If you give alms…’ Jesus says that we are to give alms secretly before God and not publicly before men and then we shall be rewarded openly before men by God.

In giving alms we are laying treasure for ourselves in heaven. When we die we cannot take our money with us but our deeds will follows us (Rev 14:13). So by giving to the poor now, in this life, we are laying up treasure in heaven for eternity.

Luke 12:33 goes further and tells us to sell our possessions and to give to the poor, then we will have treasure in heaven. Luke 12:34 goes on to add ‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also’. Do we value our earthly possessions more than our treasure in the next life? We can choose to be rich in this life, which only lasts a short time, and to be poor in the next life, which lasts for eternity.

Jesus told the rich young ruler, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” (Mat 19:21), his problem was that money was his god. We are warned that we cannot serve two masters, money or God, we will love one and despise the other (Mat 6:24). Life’s riches are one of the things that choke the word of God in us and prevent maturity (Luke 8:14), Luke also mentions life’s worries and pleasures.