There are mountains ahead of us that face us today that seem far too tall and too awesome as to ever crumble and fall. We live in a secular society where man thinks that he has the last word on what is right and what is wrong and where most people only know of Christ as a swear word. With our natural minds we can only perceive things to get worse.. Once meat starts to smell and goes rotten it becomes useless even to the hungry mouth of a dog.

But praise God, He is still in control.

Consider the might and power of the great nations and empires of the past. The Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Persians and the Medes, the Greeks and the Romans. They were no different from the communists and the Nazis who thought that in a few short years they could build up a Reich that would last and impress man for a 1000 years to come. They all were fooled by their own tricky lies. But when you are surrounded by such lies it is hard to see truth for what truth really is. When you look around yourself and all you can see is man who has gone so far astray from his maker that he doesn’t even care about what they have done, then it is hard to believe and imagine how one day the Bulldozer will move on again and bring to light even the most crooked things that man has done in his past.

The truth about lies is that the day will come and behold it is coming quickly, when all lies will be exposed. But while we still live in a world where evil seems to prosper and where the wicked get away with all they have done, it is hard to stay focused and trust Him who moves His Bulldozer along.

When John the Baptist was finally imprisoned he too began to doubt as he could only see 4 dirty walls. He sent out his friends to ask Jesus if he really was the saviour and if he really was Gods only Son. When his friends returned to him they told him of the blind man that started to see because of the hand of the Lord, of cripples that started to walk and of the dead that were raised back to life.

When you can only see the mountains in front of you that are too big for you to climb and conquer you can lose sight of Gods real might and power to push over that hill. What is too big for man takes very little effort for God.

But as we sit firm behind Jesus who drives this mighty machine, we can look at the future with the eyes of the past and know that in the present God will move like He has always done in the past.

There are only 2 choices left open to us. One is fatal and leads to a death from where no man can return. The other one takes us home to the driver, back home to the place that He has promised to us, where we live forever and enjoy the new life that He promised to all who were willing to stay faithful and sit out the rough ride….