Dear friends and benefactors,

The Aid to the Martyr Churches Mission is present in Quebec and Canada for over twenty years. It was born in a Romanian prison at the time of the dictatorship of atheists. The founder – the Rev. Richard Wurmbrand – imprisoned for fourteen years because of his religious activities, has been bought against the sum of $ 10000 paid cash in the accounts of atheist dictator at that time. He founded our missionary chain that has spread in some fifty countries with the objective of assisting the suffering, the sick, the marginalized, and the persecuted for their Christian faith.

Every month we try to unite our forces and resources with other missions to carry out projects on an international scale. Along with the other autonomous branches, we try to keep each other abreast of the needs of countries where torture and the failure to respect human rights are still up.

Our Quebec’s branch has to build small aid projects to bring help to communities, families, to people from here and from different countries, who have a desperate need of relief. Donations come together to console and assist in cases of great distress. Thus, we arrive to deliver aid to those who really need it, to the poorest. Our missionaries are often in missions in poor countries, where they express their solidarity with the suffering. When a hurricane or a tsunami or storm arrives to threaten people’s lives, we try to listen and to bring help.

We are also helping to awaken consciences; we are also helping to develop dialogue and mutual understanding between human groups, by conferences, by our messages sent by web, through reflection shared with those who live in the concerned countries. This helps build bridges of human solidarity through our projects which always take into account the diversity of human societies in these suffering countries.

Become yourself a missionary, realizing the value of our efforts done for the development of human societies through our help. Help us help effectively. Be generous, because God’s grace will give you a hundredfold in return for your charity, expressed concretely by your donations.

Radu Roscanu