The Parish of the Holy Transfiguration is the first parish of the Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in Montreal.

The Parish of the Holy Transfiguration was founded in 1992 by Bishop Kir Isidore Borecky of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Toronto and Eastern Canada. In Canada, the Romanian Greek Catholics hasn’t parishes before that date. This parish was conceived as a personal parish, thus linked to the person of its priest. Its first pastor is the Very Reverend Radu Roscanu. Initially, the parish has worshipped in the local church of St. Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church. Shortly after, the parish has operated in a reformed church. In 1993 the parish purchased for 1 $ symbolic sum the church of St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic, – courtesy of Bishop Kir Isidore – its founder. Between 1993 and 2000, the mission Aid to the Martyr Churches invested $ 35,000 to transform and embellish this church dedicated to the Holy Transfiguration. The main icons of the iconostasis and a wooden cross were imported from Romania.

The community of the parish has not grown much. The pastoral task was the task of attending the re-evangelization among the Romanian Greek Catholic people of God living in Quebec, in the sense to make it able to recuperate its identity, lost due to the Latinization and to the communism prevailing in their homeland, and also among God’s people of French Quebecers – Roman Catholic and protestant. It remained largely a liturgical and sacramental inclusive presence, hosting French, English and Romanian, both Orthodox and Catholics, in their own culture, being for the first time together before the altar. The refusal of Latinization of the liturgy, of the Latin ecclesiological vision of the church, the acceptation of the orthodox reading and understanding of the dogmatic theology, has made this parish – the first pan Orthodox church, open to all those who love the Orthodox spirituality in the Montreal area.

Other parishes were built later. These parishes, erected by bishop kir Isidore, and whose first appointed rector was the Very Reverend Radu Roscanu, were the first ones to raise their voices against the Latinization of the Orthodox tradition. Like other parishes from our actual diocese (Orthodox Greek Catholic or Carpatho Russian– from Johnstown, PA), we are committed at the beginning of our existence in a battle to safeguard our Byzantine Orthodox religious heritage. When, beginning to April 2003, there was evidence that we can not anymore lead this struggle without a canonical orthodox leadership, we joined (2004) the brothers and sisters from the Orthodox Greek Catholic Diocese of Johnstown, PA., being received with love by His Eminence Kir Nicholas of Amissos, our metropolitan and ruling bishop, who is under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.