The Very Reverend Radu Roscanu received the right to preach as a missionary priest on behalf of the Aid to the Martyr Churches (Canada) Inc. whom he was the director since 1987. He preached in Greek Catholic Churches and in Roman Catholic churches across Canada and the United States. Thus, a number of missionary visits were made: 380 parishes in 17 dioceses visited in fifteen years, bearing fruit such as fundraising, co celebrations or celebrations of the Orthodox Byzantine liturgy, conferences in schools, churches and universities, collection of 12,000 signatures on a petition calling for the restitution of church properties in favour of Romanian Greek Catholics, previously confiscated by the communists, and so on.

As part of his ecumenical activity, the Very Reverend Radu Roscanu was involved in the organization and deliberations of the International Symposium- (Melkite Greek Catholic Church, together with Ukrainian and Romanian Greco catholic Churches) -with the topic of the centenary of the Encyclical Orientalium Dignitas of Pope Leo XIII, symposium held in Munich in 1994 under the chairmanship of Archbishop Kir Lutfi Laham, Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem and Metropolitan of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church (now Patriarch of this Melkite Church) and with the collaboration of bishop Waldmüller, of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Munich. The Very Reverend Radu Roscanu represented Archbishop Lucian Muresan, Metroplitan Archbishop of the Romanian Greek Catholic Church, bishop Kir Isidore Borecky the Eparch of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of Toronto and Eastern Canada and bishop Kir Vasile Hossu the titular bishop of Oradea.

He also participated as a guest-reporter to the Seminar having the same subject held in Nyiregyhaza (Hungary) in 1994, introducing the report, the role of the Diasporas in the ecumenical dialogue today. He placed particular emphasis on the rejection of Greek Catholic married priests in North America and on the serious consequences of that rejection.

Romanians know also show their gratitude to their great benefactors. To remain in this tradition of appreciation, bishop Kir Vasile Hossu requested in 1993 to bishop Kir Isidore Borecky to accept the Episcopal order Saint John Chrysostom – medal and diploma, Order established by him in 1991. Bishop Kir Vasile Hossu appointed by hirotesia the Very Reverend Radu Roscanu as chaplain of this Episcopal Order.
Then, in 1997, bishop Kir Isidore Borecky decided to build the Exarchate for Romanian Greek Catholic Byzantines and ordered Very Reverend Radu Roscanu by imposition of his hands as protopope (protopresbyter) stavrophore mitrophore exarch, to administer the new Exarchate.

The subsequent historical events will be communicated separately.
For conformity:

V. Rev. Radu Roscanu, protopresbyter of the American Orthodox Carpatho Russian Church